シャトー ランゴア バルトン 2021


単品価格¥ 6,490(税込)

※ケース(12本)価格¥ 75,240/1本あたり ¥ 6,270
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生産地 サンジュリアン
オーナー -
生産年 2021年
容量 750ml
  • Neal Martin/Vinous91-93
  • W.A92-94
  • J.S-
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1821年にアイルランド人のヒュー バルトンが取得。1758年に建立されたシャトーのバランスのよい建築、壮麗なファサードがヒューを魅了したに違いない。第3級格付けに認定されたランゴア バルトンは今なおオーナー家としてこの地を所有。現在は、アントニー バルトンの娘、リリアン バルトン サルトリウスが経営を行い、10代目となる子供のメラニーとダミアンもシャトーの管理とプロモーションに深く関わっている。

格付け メドック第3級 土壌 粘土質の下層土をもつ砂利質
作付け面積 20ha 平均樹齢 35年
平均生産数 80,000本 コンサルタント Eric Boissenot


To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the history between the family and Chateau Langoa Barton, this 2021 bottle will have a unique label which is an artistic composition of elements and symbols evocative of the family and the Chateau. The vine, symbol of the Circle of Life, mother of wine, and the ironwork, a strong architectural component at the Chateau, join the images together. They symbolise passing time, the present story unfolds without ever losing sight of the past.The Barton DynastyWhat makes the history of the Barton family so fascinating is how each generation has left its mark and added its stone to this exceptional heritage.In 1722, Thomas Barton left his native Ireland to settle in Bordeaux. He founded a wine trading company and, above all, a family, or rather a dynasty, which to this day remains the longest family continuity among the classified growths.In 1821, Hugh Barton, Thomas's grandson, bought Chateau Langoa, then in 1826, Chateau L?oville. Thanks to his talent and efficiency, the two Saint-Julien estates, renamed L?oville Barton and Langoa Barton, were respectively classified 2nd and 3rd Grand Cru Class? in 1855. The Barton family is today one of the only families in Bordeaux that still owns its properties since the 1855 classification.Many generations have succeeded one another, like guardians of the vineyards, but it is Anthony Barton, the gentleman of the M?doc, who has raised the reputation of Chateau L?oville-Barton to its current international level. Lilian Barton-Sartorius, the 9th generation, now manages the different properties. In 2011, she brought Chateau Mauvesin into the family fold, which was later renamed Chateau Mauvesin Barton. Today, M?lanie and Damien, 10th generation, are involved in the development of the different family wineries, thus perpetuating the legacy of Thomas Barton. Chateau Langoa Barton, the first wine estate of the familySince 1821, generation upon generation of the Barton family have written the chapters of Chateau Langoa Barton. Owners to this day of the renowned Bordeaux property, awarded Grand Cru Class? status in 1855, Saint Julien is where the roots and the heart of the Barton spirit can be felt.The vine plots that make up the Chateau Langoa Barton terroir overlook the river. The mild temperatures incurring from this proximity imply early ripening, often a sign of good quality. This magnificent outcrop of quaternary gravel brings each vintage to perfect maturity, and the grapes are then rigorously selected before the vinification of Langoa Barton begins. The 20 hectares (49 acres) of Chateau Langoa Barton are planted in gravelly soils with a clay subsoil give pride of place to Cabernet-Sauvignon but include Merlot and Cabernet franc.2021 vintageDamien Barton Sartorius tells you about this vintage

ブレンド比率 カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン61%, メルロ36%, カベルネ・フラン3%
開花日 - 最大発酵温度 -
収穫開始日 - 新樽率 60%
収穫終了日 - 樽熟成期間 -
発酵日数 - 収穫量/ha -