シャトー ピション ロングヴィル バロン 2021


単品価格¥ 23,320(税込)

※ケース(12本)価格¥ 269,280/1本あたり ¥ 22,440
◎ケース(12 本) 価格、1 本あたり価格は税込価格です。

生産地 ポイヤック
オーナー AXA Millésimes
生産年 2021年
タイプ 赤ワイン
容量 750ml
  • Neal Martin/Vinous93-95
  • W.A94-96+
  • J.S96-97
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格付け メドック第2級 土壌 表層には砂利が堆積、下部は鉄分を含む粘土層
作付け面積 73ha 平均樹齢 -
平均生産数 160,000本 コンサルタント Daniel LLose


Pichon Baron, a historic wine estateIn 1689, Pierre Desmezures de Rauzan, manager of the prestigious estates of Latour and Margaux, created the Enclos Rauzan. Five years later, when his daughter Th?r?se married Baron Jacques de Pichon Longueville, it became the Pichon Longueville estate.In 1851, Baron Raoul de Pichon Longueville, who had just inherited part of this vineyard (the other part went to his sisters who founded Pichon Comtesse), created the Pichon Baron estate. Proud of his property, he built in 1851 the majestic Chateau that we know today, inspired by the Renaissance style. Since then, this Chateau with its two emblematic turrets, of an unequalled romanticism and charm, is enthroned in the heart of the vineyard. His commitment was rewarded in 1855 when the estate was consecrated Second Grand Cru Class?.In 1987, Axa Mill?simes bought the property with the ambition of restoring its former glory. A vast renovation project was then launched, giving rise, among other things, to the famous water mirror that stretches out at the foot of the Chateau and the underground cellar worthy of the Nautilus.The 73 hectares of the Pichon Baron vineyard are spread over very high quality gravelly soil. This unique soil, low in nutrients and without excess water, sparingly nourishes the different varieties of vines.The 2021 vintageChristian Selly tells you about this vintage:

ブレンド比率 カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン: 88%, メルロ : 12%
開花日 - 最大発酵温度 -
収穫開始日 - 新樽率 -
収穫終了日 - 樽熟成期間 -
発酵日数 - 収穫量/ha -