シャトー ジスクール 2021


単品価格¥ 8,580(税込)

※ケース(12本)価格¥ 99,000/1本あたり ¥ 8,250
◎ケース(12 本) 価格、1 本あたり価格は税込価格です。

生産地 マルゴー
オーナー Eric Albada Jelgersma
生産年 2021年
タイプ 赤ワイン
容量 750ml
  • Neal Martin/Vinous91-93
  • W.A93-95
  • J.S94-95
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格付け メドック第3級 土壌 ガロンヌ由来の深い礫質土壌
作付け面積 100ha 平均樹齢 10-25年
平均生産数 280,000本 コンサルタント Valérie Lavigne, Alex Marchal


Chateau Giscours, a unique identity in the heart of a living and preserved ecosystemIf the first traces of the history of Chateau Giscours date back to the 14th century, it all really began in 1552 when Pierre de Lhomme, a rich Bordeaux draper, bought the "Guyscoutz" aristocratic house, established a vast estate around it and planted the first vines. Since then, Giscours has never stopped reinventing itself to survive the centuries. In 1995, Eric Albada Jelgersma, a wine lover and art collector, bought the property, restructured the vineyard and renovated the facilities. Today, his children, assisted by Alexander Van Beek, manage this 3rd Grand Cru Class? in 1855 of Margaux.Spectacular and abundant, Giscours is distinguished by its immensity. A living place in its own right, the estate is an incomparable place of discovery in a preserved nature. Here, the coherence of the whole makes each one successful. The 95 hectares of vines are perfectly integrated into their ecosystem, in the heart of a superb reserve of biodiversity. The forest and the park - designed in 1870 by Eug?ne B?hler, a renowned landscaper - are home to an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. The wines produced at Chateau Giscours are a reflection of the place, its environment and the people who make it. The Grand Vin has a unique signature: a fabulous balance between aromatic brilliance and fine tannins. Giscours 2021, a luminous wineThe video of the vintage: vintage of the wine estate, Chateau Giscours 2021 has an identity that is already reminiscent of some of the great Giscours vintages. It is perfectly balanced, crunchy, and well-structured, influenced by the Cabernet Sauvignon that is at the heart of our identity.2021 was marked by a memorable harvest, in which we had to be patient, make precise choices and wait for each vine plant, each plot and each terroir to be ready to surrender its berries. That precision shines through in this Chateau Giscours: a luminous wine, with the aromatic brilliance and fine tannins we look for at Giscours. A lovely, balanced structure, with a great freshness. Chateau Giscours 2021 is the perfect expression of the vintage. It reveals the risk-taking and meticulous work required of our teams, in deep harmony with our terroir.

ブレンド比率 カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン65%, メルロ32%, プティ・ヴェルド3%
開花日 - 最大発酵温度 28℃
収穫開始日 - 新樽率 50%
収穫終了日 - 樽熟成期間 17ヵ月
発酵日数 - 収穫量/ha -