シャトー カルボーニュ 赤 2021


単品価格¥ 4,840(税込)

※ケース(12本)価格¥ 56,760/1本あたり ¥ 4,730
◎ケース(12 本) 価格、1 本あたり価格は税込価格です。

生産地 グラーヴ(赤)
オーナー ペラン家
生産年 2021年
タイプ 赤ワイン
容量 750ml
  • Neal Martin/Vinous-
  • W.A-
  • J.S91-92
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格付け グラーヴ特級 土壌 砂利質、粘土質
作付け面積 45ha 平均樹齢 27年
平均生産数 15000ケース コンサルタント Eric, Christine and Philibert Perrin


Chateau Carbonnieux, Classified Growth red & whiteOne of the most ancient winegrowing estates in Bordeaux, Chateau Carbonnieux has made wine without interruption since the 13th century. Build in an understated style, the Chateau itself is an impressive building dating from the Middle Ages.The first owners - and accomplished winegrowers - were the Benedictine monks of Sainte-Croix abbey in Bordeaux, who made internationally-renowed red and white wines centuries ago. The property became a Grand Cru Class? de Graves in 1953. It is one of the 6 estates to have its red and its white wines classified, but it is the only one which, thanks to its diversified terroir, has a vineyard of equal size for the reds (50ha) and the whites (42ha).Carbonnieux has belonged to the Perrin family for three generations. Today Eric and Philibert run the property, assisted by two of Eric's children, Marc and Andrea. The 2021 vintage2021 is the 65th vintage vinified by the family. On this occasion, label of the two colors of the great wine of the property will change. Based on the strong symbol of the scallop shell, which is inseparable from the history of Carbonnieux and the monks of Sainte-Croix, who have been signing the white wines in a unique way for centuries, the label will be used for the first time on the red Chateau Carbonnieux to reinforce the coherence of the estate's wines.Marc Perrin tells you the story of this vintage:

ブレンド比率 カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン58%, メルロ28%, カベルネ・フラン7%, プティ・ヴェルド7%
開花日 - 最大発酵温度 -
収穫開始日 - 新樽率 -
収穫終了日 - 樽熟成期間 15~18ヶ月
発酵日数 - 収穫量/ha -